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Julie Hilbert

The former Benefit Specialist for Fond

du Lac County, Julie served older adults

for the past 15 years. She will provide

the same experience and expertise in

her new role as she did with Fond du Lac

County. Julie will specialize in Medicare,

individual/group health insurance, and

life insurance.





Kris Karls, CLCS







Peter Bellendir







Tyler Wehner, CIC







Patrick McNamara, CIC







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Steve Sommerfeldt







Marcus Ruch







Anna Bonnet - Account Coordinator -

Beth Whiting - Account Coordinator -

Brittney Taggart - Customer Service -

Carrie Buchholz - Claims Specialist -

Dena Reed - Commercial Customer Service -

Julie Sommerfeldt - Bookkeeping -

Sarah Arneson - Customer Service -

Sue McConnell - Processing -

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